Professionals Ready at the Women's Boxing Title

Professionals Ready at the Women’s Boxing Title

Professionals Ready at the Women’s Boxing Title – This boxing game is very rare when women play this boxing, mostly men who play this boxing. In order to enliven professional boxing in the country, V’s Boxing Promotions presents a professional competition combined with entertainment music entitled “WO-MAN Infinite Fight, Fearless Soul 2020” (six parties) at The Pallas, SCBC, Jakarta, 19 April. This event also welcomes Kartini Day as an inspiration for a woman empowerment.

Interestingly, this boxing event will be the first boxing event in Indonesia as a Boxingtaiment, a collaboration between boxing and entertainment shows, where Milasari will compete against two main parties, namely women’s boxing in the Bantam Junior class 52.2 KG (8 rounds), fighting for the Kartini gold belt. In the party, boxer Felmi Sumahe (Nainggolan Gym Jakarta) will face Febriyanti Lubis (Amanatun So’e Depok). Then there is the number one professional men’s party in Indonesia at this time, namely in the Junior Lightweight class 58.9 KG (10 rounds) between James Mokoginta as the champion of WBC Asia (Nainggolan Gym Jakarta) against Jason Butar Butar who is also the champion of the National ATI (Kodam Jaya) Jakarta). The two fight over the GR (Goro) Gold Belt.

Not only that, this event was also interspersed with musical entertainment from the collaboration of well-known Indonesian musicians, namely Ari Lasso and Paul Latumahina (T-five). In addition, this event became the professional debut of two amateur boxers, namely Serda Abdul Sada and Serda Ali Ridwam Songut, both from BPR 3 / Kostrad Maros, Makassar.

“The background, among others, is in celebrating Kartini’s Day, apart from that we want to find the potential of professional boxers in Indonesia who can excel in the world. V’s Boxing Promotions also wants to excite and advance professional boxing in the future. The concept is that we want to elevate boxing matches not only as an exciting and interesting spectacle, but also as an artistic element. So young people, parents or families can have fun and be happy watching sports that are synonymous with a hard image, interspersed with music performances by Paul Latumahina and Ari Lasso, “said promoter Milasari Kusumo Anggraini through a release on Wednesday (4/3/2020).

Furthermore, Milasari said that he was inspired by his late father during his childhood in boxing. In addition, one of his sons, Verrel Dylastra, also pursued amateur boxing while studying in the United States. Verrel even won the best achievement, one of which was as runner up for the Golden Gloves of California, the State of America and several other achievements.

“My late father was the one who gave the early influences. His idol is Muhammad Ali and I used to like to accompany him to watch boxing. But to be honest, I fell in love with boxing even more, after I saw the development of my son Verrel. Both his daily character and education are very good thanks to his discipline in boxing training, ”said Milasari. “His academic score has even gone up, even though boxing training is tough and time-consuming. So I want the image of a boxer in Indonesia to be successful in education and have a good character or attitude, ”he added.

National boxing observer Martinez dos Santos, who is also involved in the V’s Boxing Promotions team, added that the WO-MAN Infinite Fearless Soul 2020 professional boxing event will not only present a quality match of six parties. But to see the potential of other boxers to stand out and excel in the world like Ellyas Pical, Nico Thomas, Mohamad Rachman, Chris John, and Daud Jordan.

“I think the concept of Milasari’s promoter is right, looking far into the future how it can lift Indonesia’s boxing achievements. Besides presenting experienced boxers with national and international achievements, it also featured two amateur boxers who had just entered pro boxing: Abdul Sada (welterweight), Ali Ridwan Songut (bantamweight). These are two boxers who have a bright future because they have good achievements in amateurs. Most importantly, they are continuously given the stage to compete, and are well directed and professional. If that is done, it is not impossible to be like Ellyas Pical, Chris John, and others, “said Martinez.

Regarding the main party of James Mokoginta vs Jason Butar-Butar, as well as Felmi Sumahe vs Febriyanti Lubis, Martinez said it was certain to be a tremendous attraction. They will present a fight that is exciting, interesting, and tense. Even the other four additional parties will not lose. “I am optimistic about Milasari’s commitment, especially since he has very broad relations, both at home and abroad, especially with the boxing world in the US, such as with the famous promoter Bob Arum, famous coach Freddie Roach, Mike Tyson, and others. One day, Indonesia’s dream to give birth to another world champion can be realized, “said Martinez.

Ticket sales for the WO-MAN Infinite Fearless Soul 2020 boxing match, which is a collaboration of boxing matches and music performances by Ari Lasso and Paul Latumahina, can be ordered through the bookmyshow ticket service.

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The composition of the 2020 WO-MAN Infinite Fearless Soul Party.

1. The championship won the Gold Belt GR Junior Lightweight 58.9 KG (10 Rounds) James Mokoginta (Nainggolan Gym Jakarta) vs Jason Butar Butar (Kodam Jaya Jakarta)

2. Championship to win the Junior Lightweight Kartini Gold Belt 52.2 KG (8 Rounds)
Felmi Sumahe (Nainggolan Gym Jakarta) vs Febriyanti Lubis (Amanatun So’e BC Depok)

3. Gold Belt Championship V’s Boxing Promotions. Bantamweight 53.5 KG (8 Rounds) l Fasidus Nuno, National Champion ATI (Victory Target BC Jakarta) vs Samuel Tehuayo Former UBO Champion (BSA Martial Arts Tangsel)

4. Junior Light Class 58.9 KG (8 Rounds) Jufti Kakahue, National Champion KTPI (Aquase Boxing Camp Tangsel) vs Nur Ramajang Arkiang, Rank 4 National (KPJ Bulungan BC Jakarta)

5. Welterweight 66.6 KG (6 Rounds)
Doni Sikumbang, Rank 6 National (Nainggolan BC Jakartw) vs Serda Abdul Sada (BPR 3 / Kostrad Maros, Makassar)

6. Bantamweight 53.5 KG (6 Rounds)
Asher Aluman, Rank 3 National (Germindo BC Jakarta) vs Serda Ali Ridwan Songut, Champion Amateur (BPR 3 / Kostrad Maros, Makassar)