Professionals Ready at the Women’s Boxing Title

Professionals Ready at the Women’s Boxing Title – This boxing game is very rare when women play this boxing, mostly men who play this boxing. In order to enliven professional boxing in the country, V’s Boxing Promotions presents a professional competition combined with entertainment music entitled “WO-MAN Infinite Fight, Fearless Soul 2020” (six parties) at The Pallas, SCBC, Jakarta, 19 April. This event also welcomes Kartini Day as an inspiration for a woman empowerment.

Interestingly, this boxing event will be the first boxing event in Indonesia as a Boxingtaiment, a collaboration between boxing and entertainment shows, where Milasari will compete against two main parties, namely women’s boxing in the Bantam Junior class 52.2 KG (8 rounds), fighting for the Kartini gold belt. In the party, boxer Felmi Sumahe (Nainggolan Gym Jakarta) will face Febriyanti Lubis (Amanatun So’e Depok). Then there is the number one professional men’s party in Indonesia at this time, namely in the Junior Lightweight class 58.9 KG (10 rounds) between James Mokoginta as the champion of WBC Asia (Nainggolan Gym Jakarta) against Jason Butar Butar who is also the champion of the National ATI (Kodam Jaya) Jakarta). The two fight over the GR (Goro) Gold Belt.

Not only that, this event was also interspersed with musical entertainment from the collaboration of well-known Indonesian musicians, namely Ari Lasso and Paul Latumahina (T-five). In addition, this event became the professional debut of two amateur boxers, namely Serda Abdul Sada and Serda Ali Ridwam Songut, both from BPR 3 / Kostrad Maros, Makassar.

“The background, among others, is in celebrating Kartini’s Day, apart from that we want to find the potential of professional boxers in Indonesia who can excel in the world. V’s Boxing Promotions also wants to excite and advance professional boxing in the future. The concept is that … Read More

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QQ Slot Gambling Game Tutorials Via Android

QQ Slot Gambling Game Tutorials Via Android – By using Android you can also play this online gambling game if you want to play online slots. How is the development of technology that is increasingly very dynamic, can be used by various slot game providers. Optimized for Android users, making it easier for players to play the online QQ Slot game at QQRoyal.

Not only is the way to play easier (user friendly), but access to play must also be easy, because only by using the Android operating system users can connect and play slots freely as long as they are connected to an internet network.

This is of course a breath of fresh air for players who sometimes have difficulty opening bets via a laptop or PC, so only by using Android can connect and access the online slot bets.

That way, if you are interested in trying to enjoy it, then you must understand the tutorial to win to play the QQ slot machine online Android mobile machine, so that the game process runs smoothly according to the total that is understood.

Tutorial steps to play QQ online slot using a cellphone

If you want to get married in making a choice according to of course you must first understand the stages, this is because how can you play it smoothly if you don’t know the stages of playing the slot game that is presented at QQRoyal.

Likewise, if there are others, I am Android, then you must first understand the guide to playing slots in order to take advantage of an Android cellphone

Of course, it will certainly be more practical and flexible to play at any time just in your hand. The following are the steps for the tutorial to win to play online mobile slot … Read More

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Play Capsa Susun Using the Mobile Application

Play Capsa Susun Using the Mobile Application – The Caspa game can also be played from the Capsa Susun application and this game is really fun. Play Capsa Susun online, now you can use the application on a smartphone. Gambling is getting easier and easier for everyone to enjoy. In fact, people in Indonesia who incidentally do not have access to a casino, can now play their favorite gambling easily. Of course, all of this is thanks to the existence of online bookie services.

This service is a modern gambling system where gamblers and bookies will be connected to the internet. This means that gambling is really like playing online games. The choice of gambling games also varies, from card gambling, casino, lottery, soccer betting and others, all complete. One thing that many gamblers love is the game of capsa.

This is a type of card game that usually appears in cellphone games. Therefore, when it comes to betting form, many people are attracted. Especially now that the online capsa game can be played using a smartphone application. If you are also one of the gamblers who are interested in enjoying it, try to see the following guide.

Look for online gambling sites that support mobile application facilities

Indeed, online gambling games are now very popular. As a result, when you search the internet, you can easily find thousands of online gambling sites. However, not all of these sites provide mobile application facilities like what you want.

Therefore, if you want to play capsa gambling by using an application on a smartphone like playing games, the selection of the dealer must be done appropriately. Look for the capsa gambling site which has the android, iphone or windows logo on the front page. Everything just needs to be adjusted to the … Read More

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Get Rich Easily Just Playing Q Bookies Online

Get Rich Easily Just Playing Q Bookies Online -The online bookie gambling game is one of the games played with cards if you want to be rich. The online bandarQ game has become an attraction for gamblers. Whether it’s gamblers from within the country or foreign countries. Because the game is universal, and anyone can play it. The bandarQ game system is also fairly easy, because the medium uses domino cards. Of course you already know about the domino card.

Which of these cards is only patterned with circles with different numbers and usually the color is only red. As for the way to bet, the dealer at the table will distribute two cards. And from the two cards, the highest value will be taken as the winner. Meanwhile, the highest score is the number 9 points. Now, it’s easy, isn’t it? So how do you play this easiest gambling game?

How to Seek Gambling Wealth from the BandarQ Online Card Game

What is an online gambling game, you can find the provider on the internet. So the game is available sweetly on the best and most trusted online gambling site. And to be able to play it, of course a new gambler has to do some ways. Well, the method is as follows:

  • The first is to create an account on the bookie site. On the main page of the bookie website, a menu for registration is presented. Well, on that menu you can fill out the form with your personal data correctly. It must be true, because if there is wrong data then you will be in trouble yourself. And when you finish that registration, then you are already a gambling member in the bookie. Also can log in to the bookieQ betting table.
  • The second way is
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