KNOW HOW TO PLAY COMPLETE BRIDGE IS FUN TO FOLLOWApart from Poker and Black Jack, Bridge is a card game that is very popular. Basically, how to play Bridge is a combination of “hoes” and “trump”. However, there are some different rules. How to play Bridge is almost the same as chess. This game demands calculation and focus from the brain, Moms. No wonder, if the Bridge game is also able to train the brain in counting, memorizing, and logic. To find out more clearly about how to play Bridge and tips on understanding it, keep reading the article until it’s finished.

How to Play Bridge

The Bridge game is played by 4 players divided into 2 teams. The team members will then sit facing each other. Teams sitting in the north and south, as well as in the west and east. The number of cards in the game Bridge is 52 cards. The players each get 13 cards. Once shared, players will make an offer. The final bid determines the importance of each setting as well as the overall goal for each transaction. Deals are played card by card in 13 sub-rounds known as “tricks”. The object of the game is to win 7 or more tricks on each deal to score points. Bidding continues until one team has accumulated a predetermined number of points. To be clear, see how to play Bridge in accordance with the following steps:


The dealer deals 13 cards to each player, so the entire deck is used. Give players time to sort their cards by rank and suit. Aces have the highest value followed by kings, queens, jacks/knaves, tens, and spot cards consisting of numbers 9 to 2. The more inner cards you have, the higher the value of those cards, the better luck you have. Remember, this is when the bidding begins.


How to play Bridge that you need to know next is bidding. This bidding process is carried out to determine who can be the declarer or contract holder. The winner is the player who can make the highest bid on how many tricks can be won. Keep in mind, the minimum trick is 7 and the maximum is 13 tricks. After the bidding process is complete, the team in the bidding position will act as a defender or player who must thwart the contract made to complete.


Gameplay officially begins when the Declarer lays down the main card. In a clockwise direction, the Defender tries to exit the ranking lead. A player may only play cards of the same suit as the main card. If they don’t have cards of the same suit, they can play any of their cards in an attempt to win the trick. The winner of the trick places the next lead and the game continues until all the cards are dealt. Tricks won must be collected and placed face down on the side of the winning team. Each trick more than 6 tricks is worth a certain number of points depending on the trump suit. A team wins the game after scoring 100 points. The scoreboard for Bridge is divided into two columns (one for each team) and two rows. The bottom row is for points earned by doing tricks while the top row is for bonus points and penalties.