Agent Cockfighting Sharpest Knife Spurs in the World

Agent Cockfighting Sharpest Knife Spurs in the World

Agent Cockfighting Sharpest Knife Spurs in the World – This cockfighting game is one of the games that is very popular with many people. Knife spur fighting is the cruelest tournament arena in the world because the game is seen as hurting animals by pitting two roosters in the biggest cockfighting arena in the world, especially the Philippines.

In the official website of the knife spur fighting tournament, this is something that has been naturally done by some fans of cockfighting games in the Philippines.

The cockfighting itself uses a knife, razor or spur, which is a natural thing when the cockfighting is held in the Philippines. Online cockfighting gambling sites are increasingly spreading to various corners of the earth and remote areas of Indonesia, as well as other Asian locations. A popular site is an example of a successful site in cockfighting gambling in Indonesia that has successfully captured five markets in all Indonesia.

Several types of cockfighting spurs according to the cockfighting agent

  • toraja spurs
  • Filipino spurs
  • Bali spurs fighting
  • fighting knife spurs
  • Madura spurs
  • dead hour cockfighting
  • spur fighting videos

The definition of fighting in the Philippines according to cockfighting agents

Sabung has a meaning in a verb which means profit or effort and the last try even though it loses if it wins cheers, and even though the wealth is used up as long as the heart is happy and happy and the meaning of the spurs is that the spurs have the meaning of a hard and sharp side on the legs of a rooster, implants. , 2 implants of copper, iron are attached to the legs of the cockfighting in a bent shape like a machete.

An imitation of a knife or other sharp object that is attached to the chicken spurs when the chicken is fighting. Spurs are sharp weapons that are so small and have a sharpness that can kill enemy chickens. spurs are so popular on the island of Bali, especially in the world of tajen entertainment or cockfighting games. These spurs are often used as weapons when chickens are being fought and are only owned by specific people.

So for example earlier the Tajen competition was started, which had to place a spur on the leg of the rooster. so the spur fighting itself is the same as the cockfighting tournament using knives or spurs.

Cockfighting games are a popular hobby in the Philippines, and are divided into legal and illegal cockfights. Legal cockfights are held at cockpits on a weekly basis, while the illegal ones are called tupadaor tigbakay, which are held in remote cockpits where the government cannot attack them while cockfighting games are being carried out. In both types of cockfighting, knives are used for sharp spurs.

There are two types of knives used in cockfighting games in the Philippines, namely the one-tailed knife and the two-edged knife, with varying lengths of blades. The knife is attached to the left leg of the chicken, but depending on the agreement on the owner, the knife can be attached to the right side or even to the 2nd leg.

The country has already held some of the slasher world cup derbies in this cockfighting game, held 2 x one year in Arana Quezon City, where the world’s most important fighting cock breeders gather in one competition venue.

At first, two people who had roosters entered the arena. then, the two of them put spurs on both of each other’s chicken legs. the number of spurs installed depends on the agreement, can be one or two blades. The spurs are placed on the chicken’s leg with the tip facing back and the place slightly tilted.

After each chicken has a spur, the 2 chickens are released together to meet. both of them are passed to compete until someone loses. the defeat signal is generally in the form of a running chicken, a dead chicken being attacked by a spur, or a chicken that is silent when it is attacked. During a fight, those who have chickens are outside the arena and cannot enter, except to take the chicken when they are declared defeated.

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If the chicken is silent when attacked, the chicken is declared defeated. But, to make sure, the owner wants to take the chicken, then attaches the forked wood that has been provided to the chicken’s neck. then, the winning chicken is ordered to peck the chicken’s head. if he can peck up to 3 times, so he wins. about if not, so the game is considered a draw or balanced.

With the exception of cockfighting gambling, when cockfighting is done, generally the chickens want to be equipped with a deadly “weapon”, namely sharp spurs.

And generally placed on the legs of the chicken that was complained about, which is a small knife and so sharp. Generally the chickens who want to complain are males, and want to conquer together, until one of them gives in and even dies at the cockfighting arena. but this opportunity there is a cockfighting competition that shocked the world.

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